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Hey so the coowner thing is due in 9 days 

If you have any more questions or still want an application tell me.

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Caleb Denecour is a national treasure and Caleb Denecour must be protected at all times.

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calebtdenecour just messaged me back and I just had a freak out fangirling moment in front of my boyfriend. Was it worth it yet? Yes, my life has now been made.

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Just got out of the hospital 

I do not have rabies and gif imagines should be up tonight.

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I hope you are fine! Lots of love, sweetheart! Just get better don't worry about the imagines:)

I am worrying sadly. Don’t want to leave you all hanging.

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Can I just say how strong you are? If anything like this happened to me, I'd just hastily leave my blog for a while and explain later. You're openly talking about what happened right now and I am so fascinated. Feel better soon!

Thank you! Im on here because I wasn’t able to post anything before the drama happened at like 4 Central.

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They were shih tzu?! I never thought those cute little dogs could be so vicious!

And that’s why I didn’t run from them. I thought they would be friendly but instead they ended up biting and scratching.

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Please keep us updated, darling. Hang in there. We're all rootin tootin for you!

Thanks. I’ll update by still don’t know if I have rabies but Im playing the game of what do I have more of: red marks, bruises or scabs?

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Just even looking at dogs is a trigger. Even ones surrounded by flowers with their tails wagging. Im that shaken up.

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Hey, hun. I hope you feel better really soon. And I hope you don't have to be in the hospital for too very long. :)

I think Im getting out 2morrow as long as I don’t have rabies.

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I'm sorry babe. I hope everything goes ok. You'll be ok.

Hopefully. Just thinking about dogs makes me want to cry. And it wasn’t like I was attacked by a pitbull; it was 3 shit zus that cut me up so bad.

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I hope you'll be okay.

I think Im more emotionally scared then I will be physically but idk which is better