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This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and outside!

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“I really miss you and can’t wait to see you again! I love you, Y/N. xx Dan” You let out a sad sigh once you read the text from your boyfriend of five months.

You and Dan had met when you were on holiday in England. It was a rather cringe-worthy meeting, but that isn’t very surprising with Dan involved. Basically, you were walking around London, trying to find your way back to the hotel your best friend and you were staying at, when Dan ran into you…literally; this caused you to spill your Starbucks coffee all over your shirt. Letting out a gasp, you exclaimed, “Hey watch where you’re go-” You looked up and instantly stopped as you noticed how embarrassed he looked when he realized what he had done.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry!” he apologized.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve been meaning to get rid of this shirt anyways,” you joked in hopes of making him feel better about what had happened, and he cracked a smile.

“I’m Dan,” he introduced, rather awkwardly, and you smiled.

“Y/N,” you replied. After this, Dan promised to buy you another coffee, and you two sat in the Starbucks and talked about anything and everything, which surprised you since you couldn’t normally keep an interesting conversation going for so long with a complete stranger. An hour of nonstop talking later, you sadly mentioned that you needed to get back to your hotel. You and Dan exchanged numbers, and you seemed to instantly click with him. Only a few weeks later, you two decided to try a long distance relationship. You knew it would be difficult since there was over 4,000 miles between the two of you, but you were both willing to try to make it work.

Fast forward five months and you and Dan were still together, but recently, you began missing Dan more than you had in quite some time. You knew you couldn’t wait another three weeks before visiting, like you originally planned, so you texted Phil and asked him if Dan would be busy this week. Luckily for you, he wasn’t, and you told Phil your plan but made sure he didn’t tell Dan because you wanted to surprise him. After Phil replied back, you bought a plane ticket for tomorrow morning and began to hurriedly pack enough clothes for a week. Afterwards, you sent Dan a short text explaining that you would be busy for the next few days and wouldn’t be able to Skype or text like you did every day.

It was hard sleeping that night, knowing that you would be seeing the guy you were hopelessly in love with in less than a day, but you finally managed to fall asleep only to be awakened a few hours later by the alarm on your phone going off.

The plane ride was uneventful, and you knew you should have slept on the plane, but the excitement kept you awake the entire time. Once your plane landed, you got off as quickly as you could; after getting your suitcase, you met up with Phil and gave him a hug. It had been a month since you last saw him, and you missed him as well. On the taxi ride back to Dan and Phil’s flat, Phil told you that Dan didn’t suspect anything, and you could barely hold in your excitement.

Arriving at their flat, Phil said that Dan was in his room filming a new video but that he should be done soon, so you sat on the couch and began catching up with Phil as you waited. After twenty minutes, you knew you couldn’t wait any longer, so you excused yourself and made your way to Dan’s room. You waited outside his door for a moment, listening to what he was saying, when you overheard your name followed by him saying how much he missed you.

This caused a grin to form on your face, and you quietly opened his door, sneaking into his room when he didn’t notice you. You felt butterflies begin to form in your stomach as you looked at him, and it took all you had not to run up to him right away and hug him. Finally reaching him, you placed your hands over his eyes and whispered “Guess who” into his ear, which caused him to jump up and exclaim “What the hell?”

Once he realized that it was you, a huge smile formed on his face as well as yours, and he pulled you into a hug that caused you to be lifted off the ground due to the height difference. You laughed as you wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, pulling him even closer to you. “Y/N, love, what are you doing here?” He exclaimed in pure shock and happiness.

“I missed you so much, and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I told Phil that I wanted to surprise you, and he picked me up at the airport about an hour ago,” you explained as you pulled him into a kiss that he instantly deepened before you remembered he was still filming. You pulled away, blushing, and Dan put you back down.

Dan was just about to finish an Internet Support Group video when you came in, so for the remainder of the video, he had you sit with him. You protested at first, but he told you that his fans wouldn’t mind. After all, despite you and Dan trying to keep your relationship secret, fans had still found out somehow, and the majority of them supported yours and Dan’s relationship. So you sat on his lap as he answered a few more questions, you giving your input every once in awhile, but for the most part, you cuddled into his chest and occasionally kissed his cheek or neck, all the while thinking about how happy you were that you decided to surprise Dan.

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You and your best friend Dan were getting soup at this place. Well Dan didn’t want any, you just didn’t want to go alone. As you walked in you saw a cat sitting on the counter. 

"Didn’t you and Phil get food poisoning here?" Dan asked cringing at the cat. He was right. This place wasn’t the cleanest, or the safest, or the most yummy. But it was cheap and you were low on money.

"Yeah but that was only 2 times. Third times a charm right?" You asked. Just as some cook sneezed in the soup. Dan gave you a warning look and you shrugged him off.

After than Dan dropped you of at Zoe’s and drove away. You rang the door bell and she opened it with a smile. “Hi (y/n)!” She let you in.

You guys sat on the floor as you ate your soup. It tasted fine until a few hours later. You were talking to her when all of the sudden you threw up. “Oh my god! Are you okay?” She looked at you with concern. 

"Yeah I wonder what made me," You looked at bowl of soup. "Oh no, Phil!" You graved your coat. "I’ve got to go I’ll call you later!" You ran off.

You threw up in a few trash cans on your way but then finally got to your place. Just as Phil was about to take a bite of the soup. “Don’t eat the soup!” You yelled. 

He looked over at you. “I was about to start my second bowl. Why shouldn’t I eat the soup?” He asked scared. You were about to speak when you threw up in the container. “Why shouldn’t I eat the soup?” He asked once more.


You had food poisoning and Phil didn’t. That was weird. Anyways, you were in the bathroom waiting for your pregnancy test to finish. You and Phil were trying to get pregnant. It hasn’t been working but you tried last night so you were waiting. 5 minutes past and the test was ready. You nervously looked down at the test and there was a little plus sign on it.

You were pregnant.

You tried about three more test and they all said the same thing. Positive. You covered your mouth with your hand and started crying tears of joy. Just then you heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Babe are you alright in there?" Phil asked.

You came out of the bathroom and he looked at you worried. “Why are you crying?” He took your hand.

"I’m pregnant." You smiled. His eyes grew wide.

"Y-Your?" He pointed to your stomach. You nodded and hugged him and he kissed your face multiple times. "I can’t believe it. I’m going to be a dad!" He cheered and lifted up your shirt and kissed your stomach.

"Hey little guy, or gal. I’m going to be your dad. You might be entering a crazy family but don’t worry. It’s going to be just fine." He hugged you again. Then you realize. Phil was going to be the best dad ever.

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Do you just write fluff??

I write more then fluff but it’s been hard for me lately to write right now. Im trying to get through some things.

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Links to your Caspar Lee imagines? Sorry im on mobile

Tumblr fun fact! Type out the blog you want and then /tagged/ and the thing you want. So Caspars tag on my blog is imagine-youtube.tumblr.com/tagged/caspar-lee

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Vidcon-Connor Franta (FLUFF) SUBMITTED BY NlCOTIN-E 

“Hey guys! It’s (Y/N) and today I get to go to VidCon, it’s gonna be great! I can’t wait to meet all of you lovely people, and I get to see some of my friends! You all better be there with your beautiful little smiles! Love you!” (Y/N) pushed the off button, quickly uploaded the video to Youtube and went on her way to the convention center that was holding the meet-up.

    On her drive, her phone continuously beeped with Twitter notifications. One of them said, “Oh my God (Ship name) is together at VidCon today! Will we see any action @Y/N’s user?” This made her smile as she sent out a short tweet, “Can’t wait to see all of you today! Xoxo <3” and left her taxi into the building.

   (Y/N) was invited into her Q and A panel with all of her fans clapping and squealing. “Hi everyone!” She giggled and began talking with everyone.

   One girl near the front of the room was curious, and she asked, “Do you see a future with Connor Franta?” This turned her cheeks into a shade of red, but she laughed away the butterflies in her stomach. “Oh well, I’m not quite sure about that. Connor’s a great guy, we talk all the time, but I think I only see him as a friend.” This made the group groan, with comments similar to, “But I ship it so hard!” “C’mon, (Y/N and Connor’s ship name) is life!” “And I thought it’d be canon!”

   This made (Y/N) giggle, “I guess I didn’t know how involved you guys were in my love life, then again I get a lot of tweets about it!”

After talking to fans and taking pictures, it was finally time to relax. (Y/N) made her way back to the hotel, lying around in bed, scrolling endlessly on her computer when she got there. She heard a knock on the door after a few hours. Grumbling about getting up, she shuffled to the door, greeted by a familiar face.

  “(Y/N)! A few of us are going down to the pool, wanna join in?” Ricky was at the door, towel in hand. She ran her fingers through her hair, “Sure! I’ll meet you down there in 5!” He nodded as she shut the door.

   She met the smell of chorine and the sound of laughing when she entered the room (An indoor pool, she found that very classy).

   “Kian, I swear if you keep splashing me, I’ll kill you!”  She recognized this voice as Andrea’s. “I don’t mind, you’re cute when you’re angry.”

  “Uh, hey.” Emma smiled, making all of their heads turn in her direction.

   “(Y/N)!” Connor was the first to greet her, with a hug. “Erm, Connor, you’re a little soggy.” This made him smile widely, before he lifted her up. “Wait, Con, what are you doing?“ A splash echoed through the area, “Ha, now you are, too.”

 “I’m gonna kill you!” She pouted, getting out and chasing him around the pool before he hopped in by himself.

 “Jesus, just date already!” Everyone muttered around the room. The group laughed and chatted for another hour or so before they parted ways.

  All of the Youtubers that went to the convention that day met for dinner that night. Everyone is talking and Connor decides to sit next to a certain girl, “So you’re ‘not sure how you feel about me?’ ” He grins cheekily.  “Shut it,” She slaps him jokingly. “C’mon! I want to know. You dig me right?”

   She looks down at her lap, “Well, it all depends, really.” “On?” Connor questions, confused. “How you feel.” This phrase causes a long moment of silence. The boy scratches the back of his neck out of nervousness, “I guess you could say I ship it pretty hard.”

  (Y/N)’s eyes light up at his words. “I’m glad.” The two then talked all night about nearly everything.

 “How long have you felt… like that?” Connor grinned down at her. “Oh gosh, probably since I met you, or a few days after. You’re really sweet, you make me happy, you have this way with words, and your smile is just,” she sighs dreamily, ”Everything about  you is just indescribable in the greatest way and you’re just so wonderful.”  The girl pulled at the bottom of her shirt with anxiety.

 “Thank you. Frankly I think you’re all of that and more.” He stared at her sweetly, smiling brightly. He wrapped his arms around her waist, moving her closer to him, “This is okay, right?” She nodded happily. He kissed her softly, and (Y/N) felt sparks, it was the cheesiest, greatest feeling she could imagine. He made her so happy, and it was the same in Connor’s case.

*2 months later*

“Hey guys, it’s (Y/N) and today I have a very special guest, and we are doing the Boyfriend Tag! Now, who might this said boyfriend be?”

  Connor spins in his chair into the picture, “It’s me!”

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You couldn’t sleep a wink. The overactivity of your brain taking away any hopes of rest as you lie in your bed at 1:00AM. You just couldn’t stop thinking. You just couldn’t stop thinking about him. You kind of already knew that he probably didn’t even know who you were, or really took that much notice of you. And you were probably right. It wasn’t that you didn’t see him often enough. You saw him almost every day, but it was almost as if he didn’t acknowledge your existence, like you weren’t really that significant to his day or like you didn’t make that big of an impact on his life at all. You were just a coffee shop cashier after all, but you always noticed when he walked in. 

He really was rather handsome, in a dorky kind of way. He was tall, really tall. He had brilliant blue eyes, that you would always look into when you took his order. And he had black hair, but not just black, he had a long fringe that suited his face so well and it brought out those beautiful blue eyes in contrast. He also had a charming smile that would always make your mornings shine a little brighter. The thing you found most endearing though, was that whenever he would order something, even though it was always the same order, he would always stutter a little or mix up the words and blush ever so lightly.

God he was such a dork, but a very much likeable one.

His name was Phil, that much you knew without having to leave the shop, giving you his name for his order. You knew that he was a Radio One presenter, you knew that he was a youtuber, but you never got the chance to say anything about it. It was only ever a ‘good morning’ and a ‘hi’ or ‘hello’, then the usual order and then he would leave. It was always busy around the time he would come in, rush hour basically. People need their daily dose of caffeine and they want it fast, and after all, it was your job to do just that, serve the customers fast without the idle chit chat to get the people moving along.

Phil would sometimes come in with a friend though, which disheartened you a little, thinking they were together. You really wouldn’t have minded if they were, they seemed comfortable enough with each other and from what it looked like from YouTube and their radio show, they seemed very close.

Though it didn’t lessen what affection you held for him, even if you felt somewhat guilty for it.

Phil would always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ unlike a lot of the customers you get throughout your shift. He was just different to the general population, but you never got the courage to do anything about it.

As your bed becomes less and less comfortable from the almost agonising thoughts that still arise, you can’t help but think of every possible scenario that would probably never happen.


You had taken the day off yesterday. As it’s your last year of university, things have been getting stressful, so a day or so to catch up on studies was much needed. You were working today though, and that’s why you wanted sleep. Work and school is tiring, but more than that, you didn’t want to look tired, because you knew that Phil was going to come into the shop today, and maybe today you could work up the courage to do something. 

What would he say though, would he even notice the subtle hints? Would he ask why you weren’t there? Or did it not cross his mind at all?

You really did miss seeing his face yesterday.

Your eyes open abruptly as your alarm awakens you from your sleep. You hadn’t even realised that you had finally drifted off. As you silence your alarm it was time to get ready for your shift.

After you had a shower, got into your work uniform, and had a rush breakfast, you made your way to the little Starbucks down the road. 

It was a cold morning, and you regretted getting out of your warm snuggly bed, but you had to earn some kind of income to get by.

You walked through the front doors and headed to the back room where your coworkers were already getting started on their morning routine.

‘Good morning’ everyone said as you passed them by, and you replied in the same manner with a smile.

You were at your post a little over an hour when he walked in. A little later than usual, you thought he might not have been coming at all, but your heart skipped a beat when you saw the unmistakable mess of black hair. 

When Phil was second in line, he caught your eye for a moment, and you smiled, and you wish you’d have seen his reaction before returning attention back to the customer before him. 

Phil ordered the same thing he usually did, you wrote his name on the take-away coffee cup and as usual, dotted the ‘i’ with a heart. You weren’t trying to be obvious or anything, but he was your favourite customer and hey, maybe it would brighten his day up like he always does to yours. 

As you called his name for him to pick up his order, he stayed still for a moment.

“Where were you yesterday? I missed your face!” he had said.

You explained that you were in need of a day off, university and stuff was your excuse.

“Well I,” he had paused momentarily.

You couldn’t believe you were actually talking to him, and so calmly and care free too.

“I was wondering,” he added.

Many things were rushing through your mind and you were trying not to overthink, but it was so hard when he literally less than a meter away from you. Your thoughts were almost taking all of your concentration in order to not to make yourself blush. He was in the middle of a coffee shop fumbling with his words.

“If you wanted to, I don’t know, go for a walk or go out or something after your shift today?” He finished. Your face must have turned a very observable shade of red, and your voice almost failed you as you said the words …

“Sure, I finish at two” and as the words had left your mouth, you saw a faint hint of a blush appear across his features too. He laughed.

“I’ll be there,” he said with a smile, and he left, and in your mind you were doing backflips and giggling and experiencing an overwhelming feeling of warmth and giddiness. 

And while you worked those few more hours before seeing him, all you could think about was that he really did notice you. 

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I’m sorry but could someone explain to me with what happened with the Creatures? I’m confused and I hear it’s bad?


Someone filed a report saying Jordan had a bomb and the swat came in and put a gun to his head and dans i think…

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uH-uRFIr3mA there’s the link to the video it’s very sad I was so scared for Jordan I started crying 😔😭

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Ships are closed for the day 

I’ll be doing more next Wednesday

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For Wednesday only, send in things like your hobbies, sexual orientation, appearance etc and I’ll ship you with a Youtuber! Please send them OFF ANON so I can answer them back privately; people get mad when I flood their dashes since I usually get 200+.

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Would you

*starts singing* WOULD YOU, COULD YOU ON A BOAT? WOULD YOU COULD YOU IN A TREE? (Green Ham and Eggs lyrics from Seussical. I could not stop myself. But I do not know what you mean by would you. )

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This account is amazing! I really hope that you find enough inspiration to continue with the amazing stories!

Im trying to write. It’s just been hard lately with a lot of the trauma I’ve been through in the past month.

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This blog has been up for a year now 

Just in case you wanted a fun fact today.

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About the Coowner:  

I will not be adding anyone else on, for now. I’ve lost trust in people now because she threatened to take the blog away, etc. It just ended very badly and I need time to heal, that’s all.

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Do we have to ask for a ship on Wednesday or can we send it in early?

Send it Wednesday because with my clumsy fingers, I might delete it.