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Conversation With My Mom after Going to the Store:  

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Do we have to ask for a ship on Wednesday or can we send it in early?

Send it Wednesday because with my clumsy fingers, I might delete it.

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About the Coowner Position.:  

Well, that ended quickly. And now Im considering what I should do so Im currently reviewing the oneshots that people sent in. It was hard enough the first time to pick a person, so I have no idea what will come out of it this time but I will keep you updated. Thank you for your understanding.

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Yeah so Sam left the blog. I don’t know what will happen with it now. Im still here though

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Ships are closed! 

I will do any others next Wednesday. I have messaged everyone back who sent one.

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When are you posting the ships ???

Im sending them all privately. People get mean when I post them.

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I forgot to do this today… 


But ships are on for the next 24 hours until 7 pm Central! Send in your sexual orientation, hobbies, looks etc OFF ANON (all anons will be deleted) and I will ship you with a YouTuber!

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I forgot to do this today… 

But ships are on for the next 24 hours until 7 pm Central! Send in your sexual orientation, hobbies, looks etc OFF ANON (all anons will be deleted) and I will ship you with a YouTuber!

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Troye Sivan- Because it’s You (FLUFF) SUBMITTED BY JULIEPHILLIP 

English is not my first language, but I hope it’s okay. It’s pretty short

It’s one of those evenings where you feel depressed for no reason. You should be the happiest human being in the world.

You are here with Troye and all those other youtubers at VidCon; everyone is so sweet and nice and it should be the most fun time of your life.

So why is there this black hole inside your chest? Why do you feel like you’ll never be happy again? Why are you numb?

You let yourself fall onto your and Troye’s hotel bed and let out a loud sigh. Only a few seconds later, the door opens and Troye comes in.

"Hey!", he says and even though you are staring at the ceiling and can’t see him, you hear the smile in his voice.

"Hi.", you whisper, not able to speak loudly.

"Korey, Tyler, Connor and I wanted to order some food from the room service and stay in Tyler’s room all night. You’ll join us, right?", Troye says while he’s looking for something in the wardrobe.

You want to, you really do, but something is keeping you. You don’t want them, especially Troye, to see how sad you are. They should have fun and shouldn’t worry about you.

"Nah, I’m tired." You wanted it to sound casually and normal, but your voice breaks halway through the sentence and even though you try to hold the back, tears begin to stream down you face.

Instantly, Troye comes to your side.

"Oh my god, Y/N!", he says, "What’s wrong? Who hurt you?"

He realizes that you aren’t able to speak and sits down next to you. Then he pulls you into his arms. You lean your head against his shoulder, quietly sobbing, but you feel that you’re starting to calm down.

Troye runs his fingers through your hair and whispers words of comfort in your ear. “Everything will be fine.”

"I don’t want you to miss your fun with the boys.", you say, but Troye shakes his head and replies: "Sshh, it’s okay. I want to be here for you."

You remove your head from Troye’s shoulder. He takes your hands, rubbing their backs with his thumbs. Then he lets his hands slowly wander up your arms to your shoulders.

You look into his big blue eyes, that are framed by long dark eyelashes.

This is the moment you are beginning to feel again. you feel how lucky you are to have Troye; to be able to trust him; to spend so much time with him.

You both lean forward and Troye hugs you. It’s a long warm hug that lets you calm down. Everything feels perfect.

You aren’t hugging anymore but your faces are so close to each other that you could literally count every single one of Troye’s pale freckles.

"Would you sing for me?", you ask, because Troye’s voice is exactly what you need right now.

Troye blushes. “Nooo”, he says but he can’t hold back his cute smile.

"Please!", you beg and giggle quietly because he looks so embarrassed but so flattered aswell.

Giggling feels strange because of the drying tears on you face and the slowly fading sadness in you chest.

Troye raises his hand and gently wipes your tears away.

"Okay.", he whispers, "But only because it’s you."

Luckily, your hotel room includes a piano. You sit down next to Troye on the music stool.

"Can you - ", Troye says and interrupts himself with an embarrassed giggle, "I don’t know, can you close your eyes, maybe?"

You close your eyes and since you’re sitting so close to him you can sense how Troye brings himself into a straight sitting position.

 Then he plays an accoustic version of “Happy Little Pill” for you. His voice is so soft and relaxing that you kind of lose yourself in it.

You want this moment to last forever but the song comes to an end and you open your eyes, a little confused where you are and what time it is, as you lost touch with the world within the song.

"You feel better now?", Troye asks and looks you deep in the eye.

You smile happily. “Much better.”

He smiles and rubs your back. 

"I love you, Y/N and I’m glad that we are friends."

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"Most of our lives we live in a haze, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. We forget the facts in a sea of potentials and unimportant truths stringing together events that never truly were.

We live in interpretations and hidden meanings contemplating what could have been, the words we could have said, the lives we could have lived. But through this fog of nostalgia inducing falsities there exist moments of undiluted honesty. There exist moments of truth that remain unaffected by hopes and dreams.

Truths that define us. Truths that define our lives. Truths that many can never find.

But when we experience that truth, it’s so real, so earth shattering that it becomes hard to breathe. And from the moment I met you, Phil, I have found it increasingly hard to breathe. You are so much more than just the love of my life. You are the truth I never thought I’d find. So get up off the floor, of course I’ll be your wife!”

"Did Dan tell you I was proposing because that seemed oddly rehearsed?"

"No, Phil. I found the words in your eyes and your mismatched socks, the thumping of my heart and the trembling of the box. I found them in your nervous fidgeting all night long and the fingers that awkwardly rested in your pocket. I found them in the giggles we shared in your room and the tearful goodbyes of ‘This isn’t forever…I’ll visit soon’ strung together in every single I love you."


"Yeah, I know. I love me, too."

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I’d like to think that Robin is not dead, and that he is just in the jungle until somebody rolls a 5 or 8.

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You know how much impact a man could truly have when you find out the news of his passing and a room filled with people can fall completely silent. Rest in peace.

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      “Hey, its nice to see you again.” Ricky said as he sat down across from me in the booth in a small diner.

” Its nice to see you again too. What are we doing today?” ”

Its a surprise, but first, lets eat, I’m starving!” you giggled and looked at a menu. when the waiter came, you ordered a chef salad while Ricky ordered a Turkey club.

“So (Y/N), tell me about yourself.” you just giggled and started talking. Soon you had realized that you both were done eating so you picked up the check and looked at it. You got out your wallet and started to hand money to the waiter and Ricky stopped you.

” I got it, don’t worry.”

“But I want to Ricky.”

“So do I, and if you haven’t noticed, the waiter is already gone with MY money!” Ricky said smiling. You looked over and sure enough, the waiter was gone.

” I would have paid.”

” But I did and you can do nothing about it, now come on, time for that surprise.” you walked out of the diner and turned left. You walked in a comfortable silence until you came up on a beach. You walked until you saw a picnic basket with a bouquet of roses.

” Stay here.” He said. You sat down and watched him walk over to a boy with blond and blue hair. Ricky gave the kid a hug and the kid walked away. Ricky walked towards you and sat down. He handed you the roses and said

“look at the sunset! Its almost as beautiful as you!” You started to blush and then started smiling.

“Thank you. Your really sweet. I am starting to really like you. ”

You said and kissed his cheek. This time he started to blush and smile. “Thank you, but we should get going, its starting to get late.” You walked back cracking jokes to make each other smile. When you got to your car you said ”

Thanks, I had a lot of fun. I hope we can see each other soon.” yeah, me too. Text me when you get home so I know your safe, Okay?” “Okay.” “I will talk to you later, bye (Y/N)!” “Bye Ricky.” You said as he shut your car door. Truly your best first date ever.                                                                                                                     

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It was one of those nights. You and Ian came stumbling through the door, faces red and voices obnoxiously loud. You were both completely and absolutely wasted. A night on the town. It was just suppose to be stupid fun. A night between friends. But there had always been something more than that simmering between you two.
Ian slammed the door closed behind you, that’s when you realised where you were. “Ian … This is the Smosh house!” You blurted, tumbling into the dining area. You propped yourself up on one of the chairs and looked back at Ian who had a glazed look over his eyes.
"Well we’re not gonna walk back to yours or mine in this state are we?" His words were slurred. It was a miracle that you were able to understand them, but you had been around drunk Ian so many times that it had become a natural ability to translate it into something close to english.
Ian sprinted to the couch and pounced onto the soft surface, the couch sliding across the floor with him and knocking over a lamp. “Fuck!” he laughed, looking at the tall black lamp with an ivory shade roll around the floor.
"Is it broken?" You ask. Trying to stand up and get a better look.
"Nope!" Ian laughed and tried to pick it back up again. He use the stand to hold his weight up and turned back to you. "You know what this reminds me of?" He asked, a devilish smile on his face. He began to dance provocatively against the pole and winked at you, although the winks were more sleepy blinks than anything sexual.
"Oh fuck!" You exclaim. Remember the night you two shared years ago. You had both gone to a strip club. As a joke. But you got really annoyed at the performance level of the strippers. And in your drunken state, you decided it would be best to get up on the stage and demonstrate to the girls how a real performance was done. Apparently the show was spectacular. You were even offered a job, but you happily declined. Ian had never let you live it down, and tonight, he was bringing it up for possibly the seven hundredth time.
"My memory is a little foggy." He smirked at you, placing the lamp in front of the couch and sitting himself down. "Could you remind me of that spectacular performance?" He hiccuped at the end of his sentence. It was adorable. Normally in your sober state, you would decline, however, the alcohol had taken its toll and you immediately stepped up the the plate. Ian leaned back in his chair and you seductively spun yourself around the thing frame of the lamp. You weren’t really using it as a stripper pole as much as just a thing to keep you standing. To anyone sober, your teasing may have seemed more like purposeless jiggles, but there were no sober people in the house and therefore, your show was awe inspiring. Ians hand began to fall between his legs, cupping the bulge in his jeans. You raised and eyebrow to him and moved the lamp aside. "How about we turn pole dance, into a lap dance?" You asked. You placed your hands on his knees and lowered your chest, showing off your cleavage. His eyes immediately dropped to your chest and a smirk emerged on his face. His mind was going to dangerous places. You thrust your chest towards him and pull yourself up. You mount him, placing your knees on either side of him in the couch. He placed his hands on your waist and began seductive circles on your sides, pulling up the loose top you were wearing. You played with the hem of your shirt, teasing him. Bring it higher and higher. You leaned back and pulled it off, chucking to one side. When you pulled back up, Ian was ogling at your body. You grabbed his hands and placed them over your bra and he immediately began to massage them, gently at first, but as you grinder against him, he became more intense and hungry. You could feel how much he wanted you through his jeans as he pressed against your panties under your skirt. You were already wet. You were ready for it. You stepped off of him and turned around. You slowly and methodically pulled your tiny skirt down to the floor, revealing the lace red panties underneath. Through a wanting moan, you distinctly heard Ian, "Oh fuck!"
You turned around and mounted him again. Without hesitation, Ian removed the bra, without any difficulty and cupped each breast. With one hand, he rubbed your nipple, sending wave after wave of pleasure through your body. Then, on the other breast, he sucked and bit at you. Bringing both tender moans and sparks of excitement. You reached down and began to unzip his pants, removing the belt and pushing his jeans down. Ian removed one hand and pushed them all of the way down and pushed his boxers down to reveal his throbbing cock, attentive and ready. You felt his hand reach to your panties and pull them aside. He wasn’t holding back. He rubbed the tip against your clit and then before you had time to think, he was inside. A burst of lust and blinding pleasure took over your body. He thrusted you up and then slammed you back down, making him go deeper and deeper inside of you. You leaned back in pleasure and suddenly you felt him right on the G Spot, rubbing into you and making you scream uncontrollably. You hands entangled in his hair, you tried your hardest to hold onto yourself, but it was nearing climax.
"Ian! I can’t-I can’t!"
"NOT YET!" He blurted out through husky groans. He picked you and and slammed you down on the couch. Mounting himself on top of you. He pulled your legs up over his shoulders and slammed himself further and further. Never before had you felt such an uncontrollable pleasure. Your head was swimming and you were ready to pop. He leaned over you and ran his hand over your chest. He traced his finger down your stomach to your clit and with an evil smirk on his face, he rubbed. That was it. You screamed and felt your heart race. The wave of pleasure, lust, excitement and wanting washed over you and you felt his final thrust into you. Ian moaned and tensed up before collapsing by your side on the couch. Your bodies were hot and sweaty. You could feel each others hearts race against each other. Ian looked over to you and smiled widely.
"That was … I … Fuck."
"Yeah …" You gasped. Your body finally coming back to normal. "Hey Ian?"
"Can this be a regular thing?" You smiled at him and he smiled back. He reached his arm around you and pulled you into a hug before kissing you on the forehead.
"As regular as you like."

(P.S - I totally did not realise how this was going to go and I honestly surprised myself with where it did go.)

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You didn’t have anything to do today with Shane, your boyfriend. He had to post a video so he was in the other room recording it. But that left you alone in the living room in your pajamas watching tv and on your laptop. It wasn’t a problem at first but it was now two hours later and you were still doing this. It was annoying but you didn’t want to interrupt Shane, so you just layed there, on with your activities. Finally, after recording all afternoon, Shane came out of the ‘recording room’ as you liked to call it and walked into the living room. “What’re you doing here?” He asked, on with his usual rude tone that he usually got when he was filming or done filming. “I live here with you, remember?” You asked, moving so he had space to sit with you. “What’re you watching?” Shane asked before wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling her closer to him and resting his forehead onto your lap. Though, you didn’t really hear his question. He sort of just whispered it. So, he groaned and put his head on your lap. “Pay attention to me.” He whined like a child. “Yes, yes. What did you ask?” You asked, stroking his hair from his forehead. “What’re you watching?” He repeated and sighed, closing his eyes a little while you stroked his hair. “Oh! Um… Pitch Perfect I think?” You replied, checking the menu. “Yeah, Pitch Perfect.” You confirmed. “Oh, I’m going to take a nap now.” He muttered and sighed a little, keeping his head on your lap while you continued to stroke his hair. “Alright.” You said with a sigh, despite your smile as you watched him nap away on your lap. He could be so cute sometimes.

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